Monday, April 4, 2011

Gotta Change The Name of This Blog

     Seems the focus lately has been teaching and what-not. So what the hell, I'll go with it. Also, sorry about the rambling, but isn't that part of what folks do here on these things? Ramble their thoughts out?
     Over the years (ooh that sounds so pompous)   uhh, let's try again:

     damn, I had a good lead-in while I was outside smoking, now I've forgotten it.

     I want to quit wasting my time. That doesn't mean never farting around, or turning into a hard-core bootstrap-type; I just want more of what I do to be productive. I've learned a lot in my life, I think, even though I did not attend college, or have a career, or have a showplace home, umm, or stay married so far longer than seven years a pop. (don't ask. I mean it--don't ask. More than once, okay?) I now understand that you learn more from your mistakes and bad choices (when you recognize them as bad, lol) than you do from the actions or choices that turned out well. Pretty basic stuff, huh? In theory, yes. I think I would have turned into a pretty smug person if most things I ever did all turned out well.
     Point being I believe I'm reasonably qualified to spout off here, give the ideas and suggestions I'm giving, and so forth. I guess I had an unsure moment, wondering if I should be doing this. Who am I to give advice to anyone?
     Well, that may be a good jumping-off point. What qualifies any of us to give advice is being asked. Does that mean the answer is necessarily coming from a font of accurate knowledge? LOL--No. We were asked; we answer presumably in an honest manner based on our personal knowledge and life experience, and hopefully don't give in to the occasional impulse to satisfy an impish sense of humor.
     I've been asked certain things often enough to feel comfortable with setting down some standard answers to those standard questions. Most of those questions have come from aspiring witches and have little to do with the business of witchery, ie, spellcraft and workings.
     So I guess where I'm going here is I think there is a segment of magical training that is often ignored, either unintentionally or out of an understandable refusal on the part of the teacher to deal with it, and that segment is exactly what I've been talking about here so far: The Domestic Witch---Life-Skills 101.
     It IS necessary!! Without these skills, much of what new witches learn can take oh-so-much longer, and for no reason!

     Wow......has blogging just allowed a multitude of decades-long thoughts to coalesce into a cohesive new concept? I think maybe so, folks. Damn---I wonder if you can print this stuff out?

     I think I may be starting a new blog soon! Hooray! FINALLY!! Some damn direction for all this!!

     Well, I for one am very excited about this. More later. I need to do a little thinking.

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