Thursday, March 31, 2011

Back Again, Continued

     6) Don't compromise your solitude.

     Again, your value to this person--student--is you as is. Don't compromise that by bending, giving in, or "just this once" having ritual with them. ESPECIALLY NOT A STUDENT. Ritual is a very personal time for Solitaries. By sharing this with a student, you are in a way conferring a status on them they have not yet earned. Sitting in outside THEIR ritual is another kettle of beans. Student may feel insecure about his/her performance and want you there to give the nod. That's fine, in my opinion, if you are okay with holding their hand, and some of our babies need that. I would also limit what real workings they witness you do beyond ritual. Again, examples are one thing. When you start including them in spells, magical or ritual acts, you are no longer really Solitary. Why is this important? Because it is a line drawn from day one. If that line is broken or violated, it paves the way for any other rule you've made to be similarly "bent"---BROKEN. If you have been asked to teach, you have the right, the prerogative, to set the terms of said teaching. Your student will learn nothing of value from you if from the outset they discover they can manipulate and influence you to their own satisfaction.   

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