Thursday, March 31, 2011


On a whim, I decided to try and make a blog spot. Or whatever you call it. Tried to tinker with the color and background, but it didn't take. That may have something to do with the fact that my eight year old knows more about the mysterious inner workings of computer technology than I do. I wonder if I can change the font? Let's try that. Aha! Verdana.
     Well, now I feel like the obnoxious four-year old who wants everyone's attention at a funeral, then doesn't know what to do once he has it.
     I suppose it's fair to say I had something of an epiphany recently with regard to my spiritual beliefs and practices: I am choosing to try and live more simply and more happily. "Simply" for me not involving giving up electricity, music, frozen dinners, appliances, or antibiotics. "Simply" meaning getting rid of crap and clutter I've carted around for twenty years for no good reason, 
     ......and some other things I can't think of right now because I've had about six interruptions to this train of thought.
     Basically, I've returned to my solitary witch roots. (LOL--only a Pagan would be secretly pleased she is finally old enough to have "roots". I guess now it's not so much of a secret, eh?) Something clicked in my head two and a half weeks ago--it was like waking up out of a coma of ten years. And I'm happier. It was that simple. I'm taking an interest in hobbies and other things I'd gradually developed an apathetic attitude toward, or which had just lost its zest, like magic.
     Ladies and gents, I don't know how that happens; how you can just "lose it" when esp/abilities, magic, pagan spirituality have been such a huge feature of much of your life, but apparently it can and indeed does happen. If anyone else out there is going through this, please don't give up. It comes back, but only in its own dang good time. In the meantime you just keep trying, and that's the best advice I can give. 
     I've been studying again, reviewing the basics--may take awhile, lol--and am slowly sliding toward learning some more advanced stuff. I'd like to make some witchy acquaintances in my area, but as an Elf in a novel I read once said, "The water for tea will boil when it boils, and not before..." Still, there is a lot I'd like to share. Here on a blog, I can hope those thoughts, ideas, methods, habits, and techniques might be read by someone, somewhere. I can see why these things are popular. It's the next best thing to a global human consciousness, yes? LOL. I can imagine a superior intelligence up there somewhere looking on us, thinking indulgently "Aww...they're trying so hard..."
     But, I digress. If you don't appreciate irreverent humor this isn't the spot for you, so please don't be nasty. If you are I'll do my best to ignore you instead of getting my feathers ruffled. Also, with a respectful nod to the Traditionals, I learned on my own, some of what I learned you may feel is incorrect. No offense intended, but your opinions on the subject are irrelevant here. There are plenty of spots where more traditional methods, information, and techniques can be learned, written about, and discussed ad nauseum. My little corner of the internet is for me and any other square pegs who may be interested in what is written here. 
     "Witches Alone", now that title wasn't the first I picked. I actually thought "WitchOne" was rather witty, but apparently someone else did, too, haha, so this is what I came up with instead. Folks, I like being Solitary. I wish I could have more social contact with other witches, though I guess it just comes with the territory. Maybe this blog won't turn out to be entirely futile in that regard.
     Moving on, I have an energetic seven year old at home on Spring break who is monstrously bored with me typing. Better sign off for now, and try to figure out out the rest of this blog shit works. Hopefully it won't be a month before I can get back on it. Or find it.

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